How long does it take to get my straws?

As each delivery has a unique destination, there is no one answer to this.  However you should receive an estimate of the delivery time as you check out the items you wish to purchase on our website.

Can I waste-divert the paper straws?

Absolutely!  Paper straws have been approved by the CRD to be composted just like any food scraps.  Simply throw them in the composting bin, and nature will do the rest for you.

What charity are your proceeds going to?

All proceeds will be going to a local charity that is involved in ocean initiatives.

How do I clean my straw?

If you are using the stainless steel straws, fret not, because you have a cleaning plunger included in your package!  With a little soap, that plunger will clean the interior of your straw. If you have a dishwasher, we recommend you still do a once-over with the plunger, to ensure nothing gets stuck inside.

If you are using the single-use paper straws, simply toss them in the nearest compost or food scrap bin.  It can decompose with everything else, in line with CRD guidelines!

How can I continue to purchase the straws after the month-long charity “event”?

The site will continue to be hosted by a team member who will carry the business forward.